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Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Hackensack, NJ

When you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it is essential that you seek the services of a skilled attorney right away. As an experienced criminal lawyer in Hackensack, NJ, Michael J. Maher Esq., LLC, has the knowledge and resources needed to defend you in your criminal case. Before becoming a defense attorney, Mr. Maher worked as a county assistant prosecutor. This experience gives him extensive knowledge of how the prosecution works, allowing him to provide his clients with an effective defense. To learn more about the legal services that Mr. Maher offers or to schedule free attorney consultations, reach out to his office.

Complete Representation

As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Maher always provides his clients with the comprehensive representation they need for their cases. He will work diligently to develop an effective defense strategy for your situation and prepare you for the challenges you may face during your court proceedings. Additionally, Mr. Maher will always ensure the protection of your rights and advocate for your interests throughout your criminal case. So, when you need an experienced and trusted defense attorney, turn to Michael J Maher, Esq. to provide the legal support you require.